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H.R. McMaster talks North Korea hazard, Michael Flynn deal | existent Questions and Pass4sure dumps

here is a rush transcript from "Fox information Sunday," December three, 2017. This reproduction can besides now not breathe in its remaining kind and might breathe up to date.

CHRIS WALLACE, "FOX intelligence SUNDAY" HOST: you are looking reside at Air oblige One and the Ronald Reagan presidential library. That’s the flying White apartment that took their 40th president some 600,000 miles around the world in pursuit of peace and democracy.

And cogent day again from Fox intelligence today in Simi Valley, California. I’m Chris Wallace, and welcome to a unique hour of "Fox intelligence Sunday" from the Fifth Annual Reagan countrywide defense discussion board.

Key players in country wide security including prerogative administration officials, individuals of Congress, and army leaders got here here to address the condition of their national defense.

This hour, they are able to partake highlights from the discussion board, together with a dialog with Reagan Secretary of condition George Shultz concerning the expertise of negotiating.

probably the most Republican leaders within the Senate, John Barrasso, joins us to debate Senate passage of the GOP tax diagram and what comes next.

And we’ll hope President Trump's countrywide protection advisor, time-honored H.R. McMaster, about Michael Flynn pleading guilty to mendacity to the FBI within the Russia probe.

We initiate there with correspondent Kevin Corke live at the White condo with how the president’s internal coterie is dealing with the Flynn intelligence -- Kevin.

KEVIN CORKE, FOX intelligence CORRESPONDENT: Chris, a Twitter storm early Sunday with the president tweeting several tweets concerning the FBI, calling them incongruous and unfair in the ongoing Russia probe. however the White condo additionally found itself trying to reserve yet one more self-inflicted Twitter wound, this time now not over the gist of what the president needed to say, but fairly over the vogue and shortage of gradation and convivial media, which is elevating complete sorts of captious questions.


CORKE (voice-over): The president tweeted: I had to fire everyday Flynn because he had lied to the vice chairman and the FBI. he's pled amenable to those lies. it's a opprobrium as a result of his moves throughout the transition were lawful, there turned into nothing to disguise.

however in Washington, that statement spark off alarms with critics suggesting that the president's tweet capacity he knew Flynn lied to the FBI when he fired him. There are stories that the president's personal legal professional John Dowd is the one who crafted that tweet and did so in a, quote, "sloppy manner."

The president including this. I under no circumstances requested Comey to cease investigating Flynn, simply extra fake information overlaying another Comey reside.

All this as his former country wide protection advisor faces time in the back of bars for lying to the feds, investigating feasible collusion with the Russians with the aim to impress the 2016 election.

MICHAEL FLYNN, FORMER national security ADVISER: sure, that's correct, lock her up!

CORKE: probability of lock him up and glaring twist on then now notorious "lock her up" chant at the RNC final yr, a chant led with the aid of Flynn through which he recommended that Hillary Clinton should breathe locked up for her role within the deepest electronic mail server scandal that overshadowed the crusade.


CORKE: general Flynn continues to cooperate with investigators. He faces a sentencing hearing in February. The president says they’re not going to locate any collusion, Chris, as a result of frankly, there became nonexistent -- Chris.

WALLACE: Kevin Corke reporting from the White condominium, Kevin, thanks for that.

earlier I sat down with the president's national protection guide, well-known H.R. McMaster.


WALLACE: celebrated McMaster, welcome again to "Fox information Sunday."

LT. GEN. H.R. MCMASTER, country wide safety ADVISER: Chris, thanks. it's a pleasure to breathe back with you.

WALLACE: Now that Gen. Flynn has pleaded guilty, and that he's preeminent to breathe cooperating with the particular tips Robert Mueller's investigation, are you in contact with different nations to reassure them that President Trump is firmly in charge, and his presidency isn't in situation?

MCMASTER: No, I don't suppose their allies want any reassurance. in fact, what we're doing is continuing to work with them on complete of the key challenges they puss today, from North Korea, to the beat of ISIS across the more advantageous middle East, the continued efforts in Afghanistan, Pakistan. We're working with their Latin American partners very closely on the theme of Venezuela.

And so, we're -- they maintain not neglected a beat, definitely, and the theme matter doesn't even arrive up.

WALLACE: however, actually, did you know what close Flynn may must articulate about President Trump and different americans in his campaign group, and their involvement with the Russians throughout the crusade?

MCMASTER: No, that's -- I suggest, it truly is no longer their focal point on the national protection Council, most likely. So, what we're focused on are, you comprehend, the key concerns that they necessity to confront these days to protect the American individuals, advanced their prosperity.

The priorities that the president's given us to movement as quickly as they are able to to collect to the bottom of this disaster with North Korea, a regime that is threatening the area, and to sequel every thing they are able to to, as they beat ISIS in the more desirable core East, fabricate unavoidable situations are set so that ISIS does not return.

And also, in order that they handle the issue of Iranian repercussion throughout the area, which is driving lots of this humanitarian and political disaster in the middle East.

WALLACE: On a private stage, although, what are your ideas about Gen. Flynn, fellow soldier who served in the militia for 33 years, pleading amenable to mendacity to the FBI?

MCMASTER: well, Chris, I -- you breathe awake of, my recommendations are on what they ought to sequel for the country. I sequel not -- I don’t really maintain a lot of spare time to deem about other issues, other than their most efficient national safety challenges.

WALLACE: Let me hope you about one more personnel challenge which bubbled up this week. White residence officials are speakme openly a few diagram to change Secretary of condition Tillerson by January, the primary anniversary of President Trump being sworn into workplace.

The president and Secretary Tillerson pushed lower back on that tough.

but can you flatly negative that there is any diagram in region to exchange widespread -- Secretary Tillerson over the subsequent pair of months?

MCMASTER: sure, i'm no longer awake of any diagram in any respect. What i'm privy to is that the secretary of condition is touring nowadays to enhance and protect their pursuits, as is their secretary of protection.

i know that they met on some very notable issues in the past week, and maintain brought some distinguished alternatives to the president to tender protection to the American americans, and strengthen their interests the condition those interests are in danger.

So, the country wide security team, once more, isn't lacking a beat, and i believe is doing what the president expects of us, and what the American people predict of us.

WALLACE: sequel you deem it breathe damaging, although, you saw the account -- it became complete over, and admittedly, the White apartment did not damp it down very plenty. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the spokeswoman, pointed out, they won't maintain any personnel announcement at present.

Are you worried about the repercussion and the notion that you're going to maintain the nation's chief diplomat traveling to Europe this week with people wondering even if he's actually in cost, and no matter if he quiet has the president's confidence?

MCMASTER: neatly, or not it's unsafe if they let it's detrimental. You breathe awake of, I deem it was Aristotle who noted: headquarters of attention on what you can manage, and you may collect plenty accomplished.

So, what Secretary Tillerson, Secretary Mattis, myself, the director of captious intelligence, the director of country wide intelligence, what we're complete engaged on is what they will expectantly handle, which is the passage to -- how to unravel many of these threats to national safety, and consume talents of opportunities to further and protect their hobbies.

WALLACE: The president retweeted video clips this week from a fringe anti-Muslim group referred to as Britain First that purported to demonstrate Muslims, in some cases, inaccurately, Muslim immigrants committing acts of violence.

British prime Minister may besides spoke out in opposition t the president, sending these tweets. prerogative here's what she needed to say.

(start VIDEO CLIP)

THERESA may also, BRITISH prime MINISTER: The indisputable fact that they work collectively doesn't intimate that we're afraid to title that after they suppose the us had got it wrong, and to breathe very lucid with them. and i’m very lucid that retweeting from Britain First become the inaccurate factor to do.

(conclusion VIDEO CLIP)

WALLACE: common, why did President Trump ship out these video clips?

MCMASTER: well, President Trump is the choicest elect of why he did that. but I comprehend it turned into his aim to highlight the value of developing secure and comfy environments for their citizens -- to breathe unavoidable that they maintain the prerogative laws in region, enforcement mechanisms in area, to fabricate unavoidable that, at this crucial time, when ISIS is being defeated within the headquarters East, that there is no revert of terrorists and extremists who can pose a desultory to the American individuals, or to their allies and partners.

WALLACE: however you know that, for example, in the case of the Dutch video, it changed into no longer an immigrant that changed into worried. Britain First is a fringe, anti-Muslim community. The woman whose tweets that he despatched out has been convicted of scout crimes.

Why is that positive for the president of the U.S.?

MCMASTER: smartly, I mean, the key thing is, as you highlight the precise dangers that these terrorists pose to their residents, that they fabricate unavoidable that they in no passage buy into or give a boost to the terrorist narrative -- you comprehend, this fake narrative that this is a warfare of faith.

I mean, here is really a affray that includes --


WALLACE: but his tweets maintain been complete about anti-Muslim -- about Muslim violence, he turned into making it.

MCMASTER: smartly, those that adhere -- folks that adhere to this ideology are basically irreligious criminals who utilize a perverted -- what the president has referred to as, a wicked interpretation of faith in order to -- you recognize, to recruit younger, impressionable people to their cause, to foment hatred, and utilize that hatred to perpetuate violence.

And so, what they necessity to sequel is ruin that cycle of lack of knowledge, hatred, violence at complete aspects, and we're defeating Daesh in its so-called caliphate, 95 --


MCMASTER: Or ISIS. Ninety-5 p.c of the territory that they maintain got managed has been taken returned, and nonexistent of it has been regained by using them.

but the different two issues the president pointed out they ought to breathe capable of sequel is bring to a halt their financing, and to beat their depraved ideology. And we're working with allies and companions the world over, and especially in Muslim-majority nations, to sequel -- to sequel this in in reality extraordinary ways.

WALLACE: I wish to elect upon up on exactly that element, since it's been commonly pronounced the president goes to declare this week that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel -- despite the fact, he is not going to movement the embassy.

Between that and the anti-Muslim videos that he retweeted, aren't you nearly giving up on the opportunity for a Mideast peace agreement, and the guide that you've so carefully built up within the Arab world?

MCMASTER: No, the president's not giving up on the Mideast peace agreement in any respect.

I feel what the president is doing is reflecting what has been, you recognize, a U.S. legislations -- you breathe awake of, a waiver that is been -- that is been achieved, I believe, you comprehend, forty six or forty seven times. And he's following through on a pledge he made throughout his election.

Now, i'm now not sure what resolution he'll make; they now maintain given him options. There are alternatives involving the trip of an embassy at some factor in the future, which I think, you understand, can breathe used to capitalize momentum toward a -- toward a peace settlement, and an respond that works both for Israelis and for Palestinians.

WALLACE: I wish to trip within the time they maintain left to perhaps the largest challenge -- North Korea.

This week, North Korea launched what's now's its longest-range ICBM missile. here is how President Trump reacted to that.

(start VIDEO CLIP)

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF the united states: A missile turned into launched a miniature while in the past from North Korea. i will breathe able to simplest let you know that we'll focus on it.


WALLACE: but China continues to export oil to North Korea, Russia continues to tap North Korean employees. So, how is the president going to, quote, cope with it?

MCMASTER: well, the president's going to deal with it by means of, if they should, doing extra ourselves. however what they wish to sequel is convince others, it's in their pastime to sequel more.

China, as you recognize, has taken some remarkable actions. And what we're asking China to sequel is, now not sequel us or anybody else a choose, however to behave in China's hobby.

there may breathe a actual grave danger to China, to Russia, to complete international locations, through -- you understand, from a North Korea it truly is armed with nuclear weapons. and naturally, you maintain that direct possibility, but you even maintain the risk of -- the scholarship of Japan, South Korea, others, arming themselves, possibly even with nuclear weapons. That isn't in China's hobby; or not it's not in Russia's activity.

And so, what the president's announcing is, they complete deserve to deal with it. If critical, the president and the united states will maintain to consume dependence of it, as a result of he has pointed out he is not going to permit this murderous, rogue regime to menace the us with the -- with the most --

WALLACE: Let me pick me up now --

MCMASTER: -- destructive weapons on earth.

WALLACE: -- as a result of here's my closing question.

you maintain got preeminent preventive warfare -- that, at some element, if they can not collect a diplomatic solution -- and that is the intuition your phrase, preventive war. What's the threshold for that?

And, conversely, they lived -- and, here we're on the Reagan Library -- for half a century with a Soviet Union that had thousands of warheads pointed at us during the coverage of mutual unavoidable destruction. They strike us, they strike them.

Why can't we, basically, coexist below that unpleasant fact with North Korea?

MCMASTER: neatly, Chris, I sequel not feel you or anyone else is willing to stake the farm, or a U.S. metropolis on the determination-making -- rational determination-making of Kim Jong Un.

And as you know, here is a regime it really is in no passage met a weapon that it hasn't proliferated. it breathe a regime who's pointed out what it -- certainly what its intentions are.

Its intentions are to fabricate utilize of that weapon for nuclear blackmail, and then, to, quote, you know, "reunify" the peninsula under the red banner.

So, he would utilize this to collect -- extract payoffs, as the regime has achieved with their nuclear program during the past, and to pressure the States and their allies faraway from this peninsula that he would then are attempting to dominate. And in case you necessity to know what existence feels relish below a North Korea regime, you just ought to survey north of the 38th parallel.

The different actually grave challenge is the challenge that he would proliferate or sell off these weapons to others. and there's under no circumstances been a weapons gadget that North Korea has developed that it hasn't bought to someone else.

So, you are taking a survey at a grave threat directly from North Korea, but then, you are additionally searching, again, at the desultory of Japan, South Korea -- I don't know, I mean, Taiwan -- who else goes to -- Vietnam. Who else goes to conclude that to tender protection to their populations, they deserve to maintain an identical ability?

So, this would breathe the most destabilizing construction, I feel, within the publish-World battle II duration, and it is whatever thing that locations us at direct risk, however locations the world at risk.

WALLACE: everyday McMaster, thanks, thanks on your time, and what a very cogent weekend here on the Reagan Library.

MCMASTER: a cogent looking weekend. thank you, Chris.

WALLACE: thank you, sir.

MCMASTER: Thanks so tons.

(conclusion VIDEOTAPE)

WALLACE: Up next, within the wake of the guilty plea from Michael Flynn, where does the Russia investigation vanish from here? they will herald their Sunday community to focus on the key question that quiet continues to be, did the Trump campaign collude with Russia in the 2016 election or now not?

As "Fox intelligence Sunday" continues from the Air oblige One Pavilion on the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

(commercial spoil)

(begin VIDEO CLIP)

TRUMP: What has been proven is no collusion, no collusion. there is been completely -- there is been absolutely no collusion, so we're very chuffed. And, frankly, remaining nighttime become one of the most gigantic nights.

REPORTER: Are you going to puss through Michael Flynn, sir.

TRUMP: We’ll notice what occurs.


WALLACE: President Trump reacting to the intelligence about his former countrywide security advisor Michael Flynn.

And it breathe time now for their Sunday group here at the Reagan library. GOP strategist Karl Rove, columnist for the Hill, Juan Williams, Fox information country wide safety correspondent Jennifer Griffin, and former Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz.

Let me articulate to complete folks, don't collect too used to this as a backdrop, nevertheless it is relatively darn particular.

Karl, as a person who has been via a different suggestions investigation, what’s your examine on the Flynn amenable plea? How concerned should President Trump and his attorneys breathe at the moment?

KARL ROVE, FORMER BUSH WHITE residence ADVISER: smartly, I maintain no notion if President Trump may quiet breathe worried, however someone's obtained to breathe concerned. They understand very few issues, they will surmise lots. They recognize that Michael Flynn received a sweetheart deal. prerogative here is a guy who had colossal publicity on his dealings with Russia today, paid for a speech in Moscow, his contacts with, his pastime on behalf of the Turkish government, however he ended up getting knocked on a mendacity line to the FBI, and a deal that gives him no more than six months in penal complicated if that.

but what they will surmise from this is that he has slice a deal as a result of he can shed, forestall stern prices and shed mild on the movements and statements of others. There are two in unavoidable which are to breathe concerned nowadays. Jared Kushner, who on December 22nd, informed Flynn to intervene with the Russians on behalf of the U.N. resolution, and KT McFarland who on December 29th asked him to intervene with the Russians on the sanctions subject.

perhaps Mueller has assistance from Flynn that contradicts testimony they've already given of their interviews with the FBI or others. They sequel not know, but undoubtedly he sees Flynn as a key to the movements and statements of others, and whoever these others are maintain received to breathe concerned.

WALLACE: Juan, I deem they should factor out that in the Flynn court docket documents on Friday, there turned into no mention in any respect about collusion with the Russians prerogative through the campaign, and is not that, as a minimum for now, quiet the final analysis that after almost a 12 months and a half of investigation, there remains no complicated evidence that the Trump crusade cooperated with the Russians to interfere with the 2016 election?

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX information POLITICAL ANALYST: neatly, you sequel not equivocate except you maintain got some thing to cover. And, certainly, Michael Flynn has admitted now that he lied. So, they sequel not maintain a lucid case of collusion, but as you simply heard from Karl Rove, he made a deal, and so he had whatever thing greater to present. Robert Mueller isn't any full, he wouldn't breathe giving a sweetheart deal to Mike Flynn except Michael Flynn became giving him whatever thing efficient that could consume him up the tree, so that you can speak, in terms of bringing him closer to actual authority when it comes to the Trump crusade.

but recollect that if you talk about Paul Manafort or Rick Gates, who maintain already been indicted, these americans had been charged with conspiracy, no longer collusion peculiarly. And after they debate --

WALLACE: but it had nothing to sequel with Russia.

WILLIAMS: No, conspiracy probably that may articulate that there changed into a conspiracy to deliver Russia into cooperation with the Trump crusade.


WALLACE: No, no, no. however, appear, the Manafort fees had altered it along with his fiscal dealings and it nothing to sequel with interference within the crusade.

WILLIAMS: but the can freight was probably interference, international interference in U.S. crusade, it's a conspiracy cost. and that i deem that would lead you in a route that would articulate this is whatever closer to collusion, if no longer specific collusion.

WALLACE: Congressman Chaffetz, your innovations about this and the complete challenge of Flynn’s amenable plea? And Juan raises an outstanding question -- why would he equivocate about whatever thing, talking prerogative through the transition to Russian officers, which arguably wasn’t even against the law?

JASON CHAFFETZ, FORMER U.S. CONGRESSMAN, R-UTAH: I sequel not know why he would lie.

however here is cogent information for group Trump, as a result of if Mueller could maintain charged him with some thing more histrionic than the bottom viable freight they may get, they might have. No collusion, no treason, no nothing. And now, they consume Mike Flynn, they consume someone very notable to this investigation, and now, he goes to the court docket and admits that he's a liar.

he's not going to maintain any profile of credibility to breathe in a position to articulate this came about or that took condition as a result of he is an admitted liar at this factor.

WALLACE: sequel you by passage of that?

WILLIAMS: No, I deem it breathe a section of a deal, Congressman. I feel that’s why it was --

CHAFFETZ: in the event that they wanted to can freight them with some thing more suitable, they'd have.

WILLIAMS: No, but they didn’t necessity to, that’s my element.

CHAFFETZ: and that they didn’t collect the rest. They didn’t --

WILLIAMS: but they might -- if they -- if they are making a deal, they're using it as drive. truly, you notice no sentencing section since the arbiter and a special prosecutor, special suggestions, are looking to breathe capable of articulate to him, complete appropriate, alongside the manner, are you cooperating or now not?

WALLACE: complete right. We’re going to maintain numerous time to talk about this and they in fact sequel not know what they maintain no idea. Let's focus on whatever they sequel know, and that is the Senate handed a gigantic tax diagram early Saturday morning, and not tremendously, the reaction from the president and from the Senate Democratic chief Chuck Schumer became very distinct. prerogative here they are.

(start VIDEO CLIP)

TRUMP: significant tax reform, nonetheless it changed into the largest kit in terms of tax cuts ever handed in their nation.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, D-big apple, SENATE MINORITY chief: no longer a separate member of this chamber has study the bill. it might breathe unimaginable, some of the pages were fully crossed off and textual content has been changed by handwritten notes.


WALLACE: Jennifer, we’re going to search advice from Senator Barrasso, who turned into involved when this in the next phase. but as you survey at the bill, is the key what’s certainly within the invoice or extra of the fact that after the failure on Obamacare repeal and exchange, that congressional Republicans are passing anything?

JENNIFER GRIFFIN, FOX information CORRESPONDENT: well, I believe it's absolutely proper that they believe that they made this win before the conclusion of the yr and that they necessity to trip this as a Christmas present, if you will, earlier than they leave for the Christmas break. they will necessity to arrive back, and to expose you ways plenty time power they're feeling, Congress is coming again a day early. they're coming returned on Monday.

they are going to start to are attempting and reconcile the two expenses, the Senate and the residence invoice. And from those Republicans that I actually maintain spoken to, it's going to breathe relatively light to reconcile. Some mild ameliorations, but when congressman defined for the mortgage deduction, the Senate invoice offers you $1 million deduction, the apartment invoice 500,000, they can fracture up the change.

but the president, section of the quote that you just didn't relish him, the president threw a wrench at the final instant when he obtained on Marine One. He mentioned that the corporate tax cost can breathe 22 p.c. neatly, that changed into not in either the Senate or the apartment invoice.

WALLACE: could I just intimate that I maintain saved that to hope Senator Barrasso within the subsequent section.


GRIFFIN: Preemptive. however you could lose the liberty caucus tag Meadows --

WALLACE: No, because they want to notice that down to 20 %.

GRIFFIN: They want it prerogative down to 15 p.c, but 20 p.c became the bare minimal. So, the razor-skinny margin that they circulate it by within the Senate, they may lose that if they fabricate --

WALLACE: Karl, they received about a minute left. in line with the polls, here is no longer a favored bill at this point, which is stunning for a tax because it's often viewed as doing greater for chopping the tax costs for organizations than it does for the core class, for common american citizens.

when you deem that, if they sequel trip this bill, anything -- you know, talking about particulars, but if they trip this simple invoice, how a cogent deal will it support Republicans politically within the 2018 returns?

KARL ROVE, FORMER BUSH WHITE house ADVISER: neatly, first off, I feel it’s less because it's tilted against a corporate tax reduce than conveniently in case you appear on the questions the pollsters are asking, they hope -- sequel you sanction of crumbs tax reform invoice, and his -- the approvals for the invoice reflect his very own approval score of the inordinate 30s. This complete depends on what occurs. And the Republicans are counting on two things. One is that in January, withholding will in the reduction of individuals’s withholding and their paychecks could breathe greater after which additionally that the company tax expense reduce will cause enhanced monetary growth subsequent yr and each of those things are essential to Republicans protecting the residence and Senate.

WALLACE: thanks, panel, and i hope that you've got enjoyed your consult with here to the Reagan library as a whole lot as I actually have. and that i suspect from the grins to your face, you have.

Up next, now that the condo and Senate Republicans maintain both handed tax bills, can they conform on a compromise to Put on President Trump's desk? A top Senate leader joins us to focus on that in the effort to evade a executive shutdown as "Fox intelligence Sunday" experiences from the Reagan presidential library in California.

(start VIDEO CLIP)

BRET BAIER, FOX information HOST: understanding you served with the pleasure of the president. maintain you ever had spoke of an extra job?

MIKE POMPEO, CIA DIRECTOR: Very concentrated on doing what I’m doing, Bret.

(conclusion VIDEO CLIP)

(business ruin)

WALLACE: arising, the Senate passes its version of the Republican tax bill.

(begin VIDEO CLIP)

TRUMP: The enterprise goes to breathe satisfied and the workers are going to breathe satisfied, and the nation goes to breathe a cheerful vicinity.


WALLACE: We’ll hope a Republican chief, John Barrasso, what will emerge as on the president’s desk, next on "Fox intelligence Sunday."

(commercial break)

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX ANCHOR: Ever the cowboy, an 11-foot bronze statue of Ronald Reagan on his favourite horse El Alamein prerogative here at his presidential library.

The Senate handed the Republican tax invoice early Saturday morning along celebration lines, however there are some large modifications between a condo and Senate plan. On individual taxes, the apartment tax cuts are permanent, whereas they expire after 2025 within the Senate invoice. On company taxes, the condo cuts the actual cost from 35 to twenty percent in 2018. The Senate waits except 2019.

becoming a member of us now are animated from Washington, Wyoming Senator John Barrasso, head of the Republican coverage Committee.

Senator, as they now maintain simply cited, there are a few adjustments between the house and Senate plans that must breathe reconciled before a invoice can vanish to the president. I want to Put up what may breathe perhaps the two greatest that are growing the sharpest changes. within the Senate plan, most tax cuts for individuals, as they pointed out, expire in 2026. And the Senate diagram doesn't repeal the estate tax. house conservatives articulate that both of those are unacceptable. So how is that going to collect labored out?

SEN. JOHN BARRASSO, R-WYO., CHAIRMAN, REPUBLICAN policy COMMITTEE: well, first, Chris, thanks for having me.

Let me consume a step returned to title a year ago the American americans voted for fundamental exchange in this nation, and tax reform is a extremely massive a section of it. americans desperate to reserve extra of their hard-earned cash. it really is what you notice in the expenses that passed both the condominium and the Senate. absolutely there are some adjustments that nevertheless deserve to breathe made in conference to work these items out.

The other thing that you just haven't outlined and the huge alterations are, the Republican bill in the Senate eliminates the mandate of Obamacare. It takes Obamacare from being a mandatory application to a voluntary application. And, sure, i admire the notion of constructing the -- taking away the demise tax completely.

You comprehend, the other aspect that we're doing in terms of assisting stimulate the economic climate, President Trump talks about energy dominance for the us. And they allow extra energy exploration in a local of Alaska it truly is been off-limits for a long time. i'm hoping these are included.

WALLACE: So -- so, in short -- so, in brief, I mean, there are some things that you just're asserting you relish stronger in the Senate plan, some stuff you relish improved in the apartment plan. but you best handed it in the Senate with one vote to spare. So the question is, is this going to breathe a supply-and-take the condition you are going to consume some of 1 and some of the other, or is the apartment basically going to maintain to swallow this Senate plan?

BARRASSO: well, there may breathe going to breathe a conference committee. members from the residence and the Senate will collect together to search the most efficient options. but we're no longer that far aside. essentially for the American public, they double, double, the everyday deductions, double the newborn tax credit. they will reduce the rates.

And when it comes to investing in the us and an the us first economy, they reduce tax rates for leading highway companies complete across the nation, in addition to organizations, to fabricate us tons more aggressive internationally, so investments are made in the usa and never faraway places.

WALLACE: smartly, let's -- let's debate a kind of investments then. President Trump, as Jennifer Griffin advised, may maintain thrown a slight monkey wrench into things on Saturday morning. He advised that instead of slicing the company tax fee from 35 % to 20 p.c, that he might settle for chopping them to 22 %. a lot of hardline conservatives within the condo articulate that is not ideal. They crave it down to 20 p.c. They wanted 15 percent. Is that concept of a 22 p.c company tax cost, is that on the table now?

BARRASSO: we've 20 % in both the house and the Senate. it really is the number that i might want to see.

President Trump came to their policy lunch on Tuesday. i believed did an exquisite job explaining how crucial this is as a result of once they collect tax reform performed and he's capable and willing to symptom the tax aid for the American americans, the tax discounts and tax cuts that people are desperately attempting to find to collect the economy transforming into even faster, he said then they are able to vanish into further issues, infrastructure, complete the crucial things.

WALLACE: Sir -- sir, to reply --


WALLACE: To respond my query, is 22 % acceptable or no longer?

BARRASSO: neatly, complete and sundry's going to ought to arrive to a determination for themselves how they would vote. My selection is 20 %. I feel they now maintain an excellent bill out of the Senate. The condominium has some add-ons. however I feel this is a massive step forward for the American public. we're going to collect this to the president's desk for his signature earlier than the conclusion of the yr.

WALLACE: Let -- let me hope you about a few -- of questions that people are elevating about this bill. some of the president and Republican's key selling elements changed into that these tax cuts would pay for themselves as a result of they'd spur so a whole lot economic boom. here's Treasury Secretary Mnuchin.

(start VIDEO CLIP)

STEVEN MNUCHIN, TREASURY SECRETARY: In their fashions, they believe it would breathe $2.5 trillion of increase. And we're satisfied to vanish through the numbers. We're satisfied to give the details.

(conclusion VIDEO CLIP)

WALLACE: but even taking into account monetary boom, what's referred to as dynamic scoring, the non-partisan joint committee on taxation came out with its evaluation of the Senate diagram this week. they are adage that even after increase, it nevertheless goes to add one trillion greenbacks to the debt. no longer pay for itself, add 1000000000000 bucks.

BARRASSO: well, two -- two issues. One is, the decent intelligence is, that this neighborhood is -- tends to breathe wildly pessimistic has in reality stated that there could breathe monetary boom because of the issues that we're proposing with this tax relief bill.

WALLACE: but not satisfactory, sir.

BARRASSO: They -- they are wildly pessimistic. Economist across the board believed that they maintain -- they are able to sequel a whole lot, plenty more suitable.

simply consume a survey on the latest economic system. These are complete based on 1.eight stagnant Obamacare numbers. They won't maintain to sequel a cogent deal to stand up to much better numbers because the ultimate -- the final two quarters they maintain now had over three percent monetary boom in this country and we've got had 2 million novel jobs already created on account that the day President Trump was elected, and a lot of that has to sequel with the reform of regulations. So if you chance to sequel regulatory reduction, in addition to tax reduction, I feel they are going to maintain an accelerated extend of the economic climate --

WALLACE: complete appropriate, and --

BARRASSO: approach beyond what people are predicting.

WALLACE: one more huge selling factor has been that the corporate tax reduce will result in benefits, jobs, bigger wages for the core type. prerogative here's President Trump.

(begin VIDEO CLIP)

TRUMP: They necessity a competitive tax code that creates greater jobs and higher wages for americans. it's time to supply American laborers the pay raise that they maintain been hunting for, for many, decades.

(conclusion VIDEO CLIP)

WALLACE: however foremost agencies, relish Cisco, relish Pfizer, relish Coca-Cola complete articulate that they will flip over most of their tax tag downs, now not to worker's, however to shareholders in the nature of greater dividends and inventory buybacks. That without detain contradicts what the president's announcing.

BARRASSO: smartly, when they consume their tax prices, the corporate prices from one of the most optimum on this planet to now some of the lower tax rates on the planet, they now maintain a global monetary system, funds will arrive dashing into the U.S. to fabricate investments here. I predict to peer astonishing quantities of funding from around the world. They are animated in a global economy, even if the joint fee on taxation truly doesn't study it that passage once they sequel their contrast and assessments.

WALLACE: I wish to flip to a several field, and that's, as you smartly understand, the executive runs out of money on Friday. The working concept is that now that you can flow a two week extension until the 22nd of December, simply before Christmas, and consume a survey at to device out issues then. Is that whatever that you simply'd authorized, a two week extension to are trying to work things out?

And, additionally, what about Democrats and some Republicans maintain been are now adage that to collect a deal, a protracted-term spending deal, that you should maintain a DACA mounted to tender protection to the so-referred to as dreamers?

BARRASSO: neatly, I -- I feel they necessity to retain the govt open. To me, it truly is what a mature, amenable governing community does. you are appropriate, it does require bipartisan participation. i believed it was extraordinary infantile for Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to no longer vanish to that White residence meeting that they had been scheduled to vanish to with President Trump. i believed it became a liable on their half as a result of they deserve to work together to maintain the executive open.

i'd relish to trip that date into both January or February. They necessity to fund the government and sequel it confidently.

WALLACE: and i got less than a minute left for this query, sir. On DACA, as I -- they mentioned, some members of each events are annoying a DACA repair as section of an extended-term spending invoice. This week they had the shocking verdict in the Steinle case where the illegal immigrant who had been deported and returned several times was acquitted on expenses of murder. i know he became now not a dreamer, but does that, simply an emotional sense, fabricate it tougher to arrive at a DACA repair?

BARRASSO: neatly, you comprehend, the Democrats maintain threatened to nigh down the govt over dealing with unlawful immigrants. people that are within the country illegally. I believe it's the incorrect approach to move, but they now maintain had Democrats talk to that impact. and i feel that that synchronous outcomes if so and that -- that verdict aspects to the repercussion of that -- that illegal immigration has had in their country to a harmful impact.

WALLACE: Senator Barrasso, thanks. Thanks to your time.

BARRASSO: thanks.

WALLACE: And we'll track complete the traits in Congress this week.

BARRASSO: Thanks for having me.

WALLACE: Up next, the U.S. faces transforming into threats from North Korea, Iran and Russia. they are going to hope two country wide security experts about the president's overseas policy after they arrive back from the Reagan Presidential Library.

(start VIDEO CLIP)

KEVIN MCCARTHY, R-CALI., house MAJORITY chief: They stand in the library of a person who taught us top of the line to breathe prepared so you under no circumstances necessity to utilize it, to breathe better so no one ever would problem you that (ph).

(business spoil)

WALLACE: a glance outside the Reagan Presidential Library prerogative here in Simi Valley, California.

President Reagan's mantra became peace through power as he handled the Soviet Union and other alien threats. smartly, this weekend on the protection kind prerogative here, appropriate officers and alien coverage experts discussed what's the ultimate routine for these times. earlier, I sat down with Jack Keane, a retired 4-superstar prevalent and former vice chief of the military, and Michelle Flournoy, one more former undersecretary of defense for President Obama.


WALLACE: Gen. Keane, gigantic picture -- how sequel you deem President Trump is doing in national protection and alien policy?

GEN. JACK KEANE, FORMER VICE CHIEF OF cadaver of workers, U.S. military/RETIRED 4-famous person widely wide-spread: sure, I supply him relatively respectable marks. I deem it first starts with the national safety team he is picked. And, with the aid of and big, they recognize what they're doing. they maintain got some historical past, some event. Most of them were in very traumatic positions earlier than. So, that's good.

when it comes to what he's doing, I believe what he's in reality making an attempt to sequel is revert the usa to a leadership office on a world stage once once again, because the vital nation on the planet. I feel they deem that the U.S., by and massive, disengaged too tons in their -- we've had complications with their allies and they maintain besides had confrontations with their adversaries to a degree where I deem the risk has gone up quite appreciable.

So it truly is what these 10 minutes (ph) were about for me, reassuring allies, and willing to confront adversaries, and making unavoidable that these alliances they now maintain and these partnerships are sound, that the us is actually a strategic partner.

WALLACE: Michele, how sequel you grade the president in these areas? I even maintain a sense, a miniature bit in another way.

MICHELE FLOURNOY, FORMER under SECRETARY OF protection FOR policy/center FOR a novel AMERICAN protection, CO-FOUNDER AND CEO: it's a bit otherwise. I -- i might accept as actual with frequent Keane, that he -- the president has appointed a very mighty country wide security group, however i am worried about some of his early actions.

he is withdrawn from the Paris climate Accord, making the us the handiest country that hasn't signed the accord. he's pulling out of the Iran deal, which become protecting a extremely nefarious actor from actively pursuing nuclear weapons, and, again, isolating the united states when complete of the different parties to the deal are sticking with it, and so forth.

after which his own lack of self-discipline on his messaging. When he went to the NATO Summit, he became certainly very reluctant to relegate the us to the defense of Europe. When he tweets random recommendations -- sometimes, insulting suggestions for different leaders -- and creates a passage of disaster and unpredictability.

So my biggest worry prerogative now is that allies are wondering even if they could depend on the united states. Is the us nevertheless a predictable ally and leader?

WALLACE: I are looking to talk in a means that they maintain not -- now not about unavoidable concerns, however about, variety of, larger areas. I -- the president just got here lower back from his synchronous commute to Asia, and i was struck by means of his appearance at the economic zenith in Vietnam, where he swore off gigantic alien alternate deals, and chinese language President Xi embraced them. prerogative here they both are.

(start VIDEO CLIP)

TRUMP: What they can not sequel is enter into colossal agreements that tie their palms, quit their sovereignty, and fabricate meaningful endorsement practically unimaginable.

XI JINPING, chinese language PRESIDENT (via translator): Over the closing few a long time, economic globalization has contributed drastically to international increase. certainly it has swirl into an irreversible archaic style.

(conclusion VIDEO CLIP)

WALLACE: Michele, is President Trump developing an influence vacuum in Asia that the chinese language are rushing to fill?

FLOURNOY: I deem this is the hazard. When the U.S. pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, which is a high requirements exchange deal that tremendously advantaged U.S. monetary pursuits, that left a vacuum, and it left their allies and partners high and dry.

China's very happily stepping into that vacuum and trying to collect a change settlement in vicinity that advantages China and plays by its rules. So i'm worried about that.

WALLACE: Let me swirl to yet another region of the realm, established Keane, which is your specific enviornment of expertise, the middle East. You now maintain Russia and Turkey and Iran engaged on a peace deal that would preserve President Assad of Syria in place, and the U.S., it looks, slightly on the sidelines. In effect, is Vladimir Putin profitable within the middle East?

KEANE: yes, absolutely, on the expense of the us. there is miniature doubt about it.

I don't -- I sequel not dependence they even maintain a actual approach to counter the Iranian's aggression in Syria. The Iranians wish to construct a land bridge from Iran through Iraq, through Syria, problem Jordan, problem Israel from Syria, complete of the routine to Lebanon. and they're smartly on their passage to doing that, Chris.

And their focus has been completely on ISIS. And the Iranians are relocating east into Syria. The Russians are section of that. Putin came into Syria by means of that armed forces intervention. Hasn't accomplished the repose relish that in 35 years.

And it's a major win -- win for him, you recognize, politically, geopolitically. He stood up behind an ally when the united states, I feel, become now not standing up at the back of their allies. he is doing arms deals with each Sunni country in the place. He wants to construct nuclear vigour plant life for most of the nations in the place. he's trying to exchange the USA because the most influential out of location nation in there within the core East, a thing that they maintain not loved because the Seventies.

and i don't notice a strategy from the administration it really is going to counter the aggressiveness of the Iranians in terms of what they are doing. The phrases are there, but I sequel not notice any execution, and additionally counter Putin's dramatically and accelerating maintain an repercussion on in the core East.

WALLACE: Michele, sequel you conform with that, that we're creating a vacuum in the middle East, and Iran and Russia are filling it? And if so, why would they try this?

FLOURNOY: neatly, I -- I deem there's a lot of hesitation about furthering militia involvement in the core East given what's came about within the closing 15 years. however I sequel conform that Iran and Russia maintain both taken expertise of that situation, and they sequel not maintain the equal leverage that they used to maintain there.

I sequel suppose it breathe very crucial to reengage with their most crucial allies and companions, Israel, the Gulf States, and others, and check out to arrive up with the kind of approach that the generic's talking about.

but this is not only a import number of, you understand, being sturdy militarily. They additionally necessity a sturdy diplomatic arm. And at this time i am very worried concerning the -- the kind of decimation of the condition arm and the departure of many, many senior diplomats, and the failure to usher in total courses of recent alien carrier officers. So ware are -- we're tying one arm in the back of their -- you breathe awake of, one arm at the back of their backs.

WALLACE: They acquired a pair of minute left, and i crave you to equally partake it.

if you chance to'd hope the White condominium, they are adage the Trump tenet is "the us first." What are they entering into revert for that? generic?

KEANE: I don't accept as actual with it's "the usa first." I -- or not it's under no circumstances been "the us first" with the implication that it breathe "the united states by myself."

What -- what they maintain got carried out, within the -- in the search advice from to the far east, a talk over with to the core East, and the search advice from to Europe is making unavoidable that these alliances are there, that the us is an fundamental colleague to that.

and that i feel the "america first" had -- has greater to sequel with what they believe is unfair exchange practices. And -- and that is the intuition really at the heart of it, to collect the usa returned into making unavoidable that we're getting their objective share. I deem it has less implications on international policy.

WALLACE: Michele?

FLOURNOY: sure, my -- what I hear from allies and companions world wide is they don't know what U.S. policy is. They hear some thing from the White condo, or read a presidential tweet, and that's the intuition different from what they're hearing from the secretary of state, or the secretary of protection, or others who to try to reassure them.

I suppose they deserve to -- this administration must talk with one voice, and breathe very lucid about what variety of management role the U.S. is inclined to play in every of these areas, and what allies can import on us for. They deserve to breathe predictable and respectable leaders and partners.

WALLACE: everyday Keane, Michele Flournoy, thank you each.

FLOURNOY: thank you.

KEANE: brilliant, Chris.


WALLACE: Up next, their "power participant of the Week." President Reagan's secretary of state, George Schultz, looks lower back on the artwork of negotiation as "Fox information Sunday" continues from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California.

(start VIDEO CLIP)

DAVID PETRAEUS, FORMER CIA DIRECTOR: I very a distinguished deal subscribed to what Churchill stated, that the best component worse than combating with allies is fighting devoid of them.

(conclusion VIDEO CLIP)

(commercial ruin)

WALLACE: an extra flaunt at the Reagan Presidential Library on a mountaintop in California's Simi Valley.

This weekend has been a bathetic adventure for me. complete the passage through the Reagan presidency, I had the honour to serve as NBC's White house correspondent, covering the president as he traveled the region advancing america's pastimes.

(begin VIDEO CLIP)


WALLACE: (INAUDIBLE) far and wide that you went in Europe, the alien leaders hostile the Nicaraguan alternate embargo and they now hear that Costa Rica has adverse it.

(conclusion VIDEO CLIP)

WALLACE: but, most memorable maintain been the four Reagan/Gorbachev summits which resulted in the respite of the bloodless struggle. Their first assembly in Geneva in 1985.

(begin VIDEO CLIP)

WALLACE: one of the most keys to this complete zenith could breathe how these two men collect on complete over the 12 hours they will breathe spending together.


WALLACE: And at President Reagan's appropriate hand on complete those trips, his relied on secretary of state, George Schultz. I obtained the possibility here to revisit these days with him.


WALLACE: Mr. Secretary, I wish to hope you concerning the expertise of negotiations. and besides you articulate rule number 1 is respectable concepts, extraordinary policy.

You went into the primary Reagan/Gorbachev zenith with peace via strength, through the defense oblige buildup. They had it.

GEORGE SHULTZ, FORMER SECRETARY OF condition beneath REAGAN: smartly, force is crucial. And a willingness to barter is vital. however you want to negotiate from force and on the basis of what you want.

in case you crave a deal too lots, you’re going to collect your head surpassed to you. You want an outstanding deal, you don’t necessity only a deal.

WALLACE: Your 2d rule is you articulate that a negotiation is a discovering process. You’ve received to determine what are the core interests of the different birthday celebration and what aren’t the core pursuits.

SHULTZ: well, in case you’re negotiating your opposite somebody and you’re speakme to them back in forth. And one of the issues to find out is, the condition is that grownup's basis line? What are they really attracted to? and what's fluff (ph)? And so that you can support you work out how to fabricate a deal.

WALLACE: Conversely, you articulate rule number three is credibility. No barren threats. fabricate it lucid to your adversary, your negotiating companion, what are your core pastimes.

SHULTZ: yes. well, I had that drummed into me when i used to breathe a boot (ph) at the Marine Corps at the middle of World war II. Sergeant arms me my rifle. He says, consume respectable dependence of this rifle. this is your ally. And abide in intuition one factor, on no account factor this rifle at anybody unless you’re inclined to drag the trigger. No barren threats. Boot camp wisdom.

WALLACE: In genuine negotiations, sequel you delivery large after which delivery giving issues away, or sequel you birth near your final analysis?

SHULTZ: neatly, they had – within the Reagan period, they had a bottom-line. They had what they desired and they said what that changed into.

and besides you sequel not necessity to variety of construct in things that you’re going to give away that you simply feel are going to delight the different man. in case you beginning brooding about his position, you’re going to breathe negotiating with yourself. or not it's most suitable to breathe for what you might breathe for and -- and cling on to that.

when they complete started out within the intermediate latitude nuclear weapons negotiation, their remonstrate was to maintain zero. And people stated, that’s loopy, the Soviets maintain 1,500 deployed, they now maintain none. What profile of a negotiating position is that? neatly, they kept at it and they kept at it and who -- what came about? They signed an settlement within the White house where it turned into zero on both sides. So they bought it.

WALLACE: when you articulate some thing is off-limits, nonnegotiable, within the case of President Reagan, anti-missile protection, SDI, which you can’t again down on that?

SHULTZ: No. well, he become inquisitive about the SDI. He felt it had brilliant promise. And it did arrive to breathe a lovely bargaining chip. And actually they maintain now learned a bit bit about defense. We’re completely satisfied to maintain carried out that. but within the Reykjavíok assembly, Gorbachev almost laid on the desk complete of their negotiating positions, which he agreed to, however he made conditional in what he talked about, conserving SDI limited to the library. And they interpret that as that means cancel it. So President Reagan would not cancel it. however in the conclusion, the entire things that had been laid out in Reykjavíokay and agreed to grew to become agreements.

WALLACE: Mr. Secretary, they maintain been first-rate times. thank you for sharing them with us.

SHULTZ: They had been extraordinary instances.

(conclusion VIDEOTAPE)

WALLACE: Secretary Shultz celebrates his 97th birthday later this month.

before they go, a several because of the Reagan Library and the countrywide protection discussion board for inviting us prerogative here.

and that is the intuition it for today. maintain a superb week and we'll notice you lower back in Washington subsequent "Fox intelligence Sunday."

content material and Programming Copyright 2017 Fox intelligence network, LLC. complete RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright 2017 CQ-Roll call, Inc. complete substances herein are covered with the aid of u.s. copyright law and can no longer breathe reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast with out the prior written consent of CQ-Roll name. You may additionally not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or different note from copies of the content.

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